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Top money managers agree – Peter Mountford is SA’s most underrated CEO

Nov 12 2015

Interesting commentary in Alec Hogg’s UNDICTATED column this week where Super Group’s Peter Mountford is highlighted as South Africa’s most underrated CEO. Congratulations Peter! Read full article below…

Talking about the relative merits of share investments is always fascinating. Doing so when your dinner companions are two of South Africa’s smartest money managers is priceless. Such was my privilege last night.

To ensure the conversation flowed honestly, we agreed what was said at the table stayed at the table. So in that spirit I won’t share the names of the guys, except to say each decides where many billion rands gets invested.

They disagreed on a great deal. But on two aspects they were as one. Neither of them are going anywhere near MTN – they believe the new Nigerian President is determined to make an example of the SA-headquartered company so any reduction in the $5.2bn fine will be minimal; and they think the company also has serious challenges at home as well.

The second point of agreement was a bit of a surprise. They think South Africa’s most under-rated CEO is low-profile Peter Mountford, under whose guidance Super Group has been transformed from a poorly run, almost bankrupt business which needed a 50c a share rights issue, to a thriving operation whose stock now trades at over R34. Take a bow Mr Mountford.

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