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Occupational Health & Safety

The Group placed renewed emphasis on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) during the financial year. The OHS Officer visited every one of the Group’s South African operations during the year. They identified issues and in conjunction with site management developed plans to address problem areas. Significant focus continues to be placed on the training of Safety Officers and First Aiders.

Health and Safety Graph
Meaning of each incident:
Miss A close call, near hit, or dangerous occurrence.
Near Miss This is a work–related event during which injury, ill health, or fatality could have occurred, given a slight shift in time or distance, but did not actually occur.
Incident An unwanted event which, in different circumstances, could have resulted in harm to people, damage to property or loss to a process.
Accident An unplanned event that results in harm to people, damage to property or loss of process.

A number of Super Group’s operations are ISO9001:2008 accredited.