Supply Chain Europe

The Supply Chain Europe business incorporates inTime, a niche logistics company operating across 45 countries in Europe, ADER, a Spanish courier and express transport operator with 18 operations in the Eurozone and also the recently acquired TLT, a Fifth Party Logistics provider located in Germany. With these two acquisitions, Super Group is well positioned to expand its logistics footprint and range of supply chain services across Europe.





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Our Business Units

InTime Logo

inTime is one of Europe's market leaders for business-to-business direct and express shipments. The company employs over 500 staff across 14 branch offices and sites in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and the UK. More than 2700 vehicles ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year available in short time throughout Europe.


ADER leads the Spanish market in the dedicated distribution segment, and does so through its extensive brand and services map, which it carries out under its mission of providing transport and logistics solutions with dedicated resources. ADER has a leadership position with its structure of 18 branches in the main cities of the country, a fleet of more than 1500 subcontracted vehicles and more than 230 employees that make up the company's structure.

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Fifth Party Logistics provider focusing on organisational consulting and support, material flow planning, logistics, production, development and engineering services. With its 50 employees, TLT supports its customers in the areas of start-up and phase-out management as well as the optimisation of value chains.

  • 4 Locations
  • Logistic area – over 100,000 SQM
  • Consulting Projects - 250 missions
  • Savings through TLT - 100,000,000 EUR