Milestones and Awards

  1. 2022

    Corporate Actions

    On 23 August 2021, SG Fleet announced that all conditions precedent had been obtained with the effective implementation date being 1 September 2021. Super Group’s interest in SG Fleet diluted to 52.30% on date of completion. The purchase consideration increased to AUD 402.3 million (approximately R4.3 billion) as a result of the non-cash scrip consideration increasing from AUD114.4 million to AUD129.3 million).

    Super Group Milestones for 2022
  2. 2021

    Corporate Actions

    On 27 November 2020, the Group raised a total of R500 million in terms of its DMTN Programme dated 29 April 2020 (as amended) and listed the following senior unsecured notes:
    » SPG010 to the value of R213 million (3 years); and
    » SPGC02 to the value of R287 million (12 months).

    Super Group disposed of its 55% interest in SG Agility.

    Bluefin, through SG International Holdings Ltd UK, acquired an additional 5% and 5.3% interest in inTime and Ader, respectively, during the year. As a result, the interests in inTime and Ader as at 30 June 2021 were 80% and 93.3%, respectively.

    On 31 March 2021, Super Group announced that SG Fleet entered into an agreement with LeasePlan Corporation N.V. to acquire 100% of the ordinary shares in issue of LeasePlan ANZ for a purchase consideration of AUD387.4 million (approximately R4.1 billion).

    In April 2021, Super Group, through its subsidiary Bluefin, took up its entire pro rata share under the Entitlement Offer for the LeasePlan ANZ transaction, acquiring 21 188 171 shares at a price of AUD2.45 per share with a total value of AUD51.9 million (approximately R555.8 million). As at 30 June 2021, Super Group held 60.13% of the issued share capital of SG Fleet.

    Super Group Milestones for 2021
  3. 2020

    Corporate Actions

    Acquired a 65% interest in Lieben Logistics and a 51% interest in GLS effective 3 July 2019. The purchase price for Lieben Logistics was R498.8 million and the purchase price of GLS was R96.4 million.

    In January 2020, the Group acquired an additional 2.4% interest in Lieben Logistics for R13.1 million, taking its interest to 67.4%.

    inTime acquired an 80% interest in TLT effective 5 July 2019 for R186.9 million.

    Acquired an 80% interest in Zultrans, an express freight and distribution network business, effective 1 March 2020, for a purchase consideration of R26.7 million.

    On 10 October 2019, the Group raised a total of R750 million in terms of its DMTN Programme dated 29 April 2020 (as amended) and listed the following senior unsecured notes:
    » SPG008 to the value of R250 million;
    » SPG009 to the value of R350 million; and
    » SPGC01 to the value of R150 million.

    Super Group’s effective shareholding in SG Fleet increased to 60.13% at 30 June 2020 with the Group acquiring 2 600 000 shares for a total amount of R60.1 million.

    Super Group Milestones for 2019
  4. 2019

    Corporate Actions

    Super Group listed its SPG007 senior unsecured notes, in terms of the company's DMTN Programme dated 22 October 2013, on 18 June 2019 to the value of R625 million.

    Super Group listed its SPG006 senior unsecured notes, in terms of the company's DMTN Programme dated 22 October 2013, on 18 June 2019 to the value of R375 million.

    Super Group listed its SPG005 senior unsecured notes, in terms of the company's DMTN Programme dated 22 October 2013, on 15 March 2019 to the value of R300 million.

    Effective 3 July 2018, Super Group announced that its long-term national scale rating was upgraded by S&P to zaAAA from zaAA and its short-term national scale rating was maintained as zaA1+.

    Super Group listed its SPG004 senior unsecured notes, in terms of the company's DMTN Programme dated 22 October 2013, on 27 September 2018 to the value of R450 million.


    Peter Mountford was announced as a finalist in the Business Leader of the Year and Super Group as a finalist in the Company of the Year for South Africa at the 2018 8th All Africa Business Leaders Awards function held on 20 September 2018.

    Super Group Milestones for 2019
  5. 2018

    Corporate Actions

    SG IN tIME acquired an 89.5% interest in Ader, a Spanish courier company, effective 4 July 2017 for a purchase consideration of €11.6 million.

    Dealerships UK acquired Slough Motor Corporation effective 4 July 2017 for £24.0 million.

    On 10 August 2017 S&P upgraded Super Group’s long-term and short-term credit rating to zaAA and zaA+, respectively.

    Effective 25 August 2017, an additional 1.63% in SG Fleet was acquired for R175.9 million, increasing the Group’s holding to 54.0%. Effective 11 September 2017, SG Fleet issued 4 136 925 shares on exercise of vested options granted as long-term incentive awards under SG Fleet’s Equity Incentive Plan, diluting the Group’s holding to 53.14%.

    On 18 September 2017, Super Group acquired the remaining 45.0% minority interest in Digistics for R102.7 million.

    Super Group Milestones for 2018
  6. 2017

    Corporate Actions

    SG Fleet acquired Fleet Hire, a provider of contract hire, salary sacrifice, short-term rental and fleet management services in the UK, for a purchase price of R367.5 million effective 4 August 2016.

    Dealerships SA acquired nine Western Cape dealerships for R899.3 million, which include a strategic property, effective 1 September 2016.

    Super Group listed its SPG002 senior unsecured notes in terms of its DMTN Programme dated 22 October 2013 on 9 September 2016, to the value of R50 million and listed its SPG003 DMTN on 31 October 2016 to the value of R154 million.

    Super Group acquired a 75% interest in Legend effective 30 September 2016 for R110.5 million.

    SG Fleet also acquired Motiva effective 30 November 2016 for R249.0 million.

    Dealerships UK acquired Essex Auto Group effective 1 March 2017 for R407.0 million.

    Acquired the 49.2% minority interest in SG Coal during the financial year for R167.3 million.


    Peter Mountford was announced as the Master Category Winner in the prestigious EY World Entrepreneur Award Southern Africa 2016 ceremony and represented Southern Africa at the EY World competition in Monte Carlo in June 2017.

  7. 2016

    Corporate Actions

    Super Group acquired a 75% interest in SG IN tIME, a German niche logistics group, effective 2 November 2015.

    SG Fleet acquired 100% of nlc (Pty) Ltd, a novated lease and consumer finance company, effective 30 November 2015.

    To part fund the SG IN tIME acquisition, Super Group concluded a fully underwritten Rights Offer raising R900 million on 12 October 2015.

    An Accelerated Bookbuild Offer was undertaken on 10 December 2015, raising R360 million to bolster the Group’s financial position.

    The GWM Southern Africa business was sold in May 2016.

    On 30 June 2016, the business of Micor was sold to SG Agility, a new joint venture between Super Group (55%) and Agility (45%).

  8. 2015

    Corporate Actions

    Effective 1 July 2014, Super Group acquired a 75% interest in Phola Coaches, a business providing passenger transport solutions for the mining, power generation and construction sectors.

    Effective 1 December 2014, Super Group acquired 100% of Allen Ford (UK), a franchised motor dealership, for a consideration of R614 million (funded in Pounds Sterling).

    Acquired the businesses of Biggest SA Trading and Ice House Liquor Merchants on 1 December 2014 and 1 April 2015, respectively.

    Dealerships SA acquired:
    – a Land Rover and Volvo dealership in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.
    – a Tommy Martin GM dealership in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

    Dealerships SA also opened:
    – a Mazda dealership in the East Rand.
    – a Hino Trucks dealership in Isando.
    – a Suzuki dealership in Midrand.

  9. 2014

    Corporate Actions

    Issued and listed DMTN Programme with the first tranche totalling R471 million at the end of October 2013.

    Effective 1 March 2014, SG Convenience acquired R&H Liquor Distributors.

    SG Fleet listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 4 March 2014.

    Effective 1 May 2014, Super Group acquired a 50.1% interest in GWM Southern Africa – its debut into vehicle distributorship.

    During the year Super Group repurchased 2 635 791 shares at an average share price of R25.05 for R66 million (0.8% of issued share capital).

  10. 2013

    Corporate Actions

    Implementation of the B-BBEE Staff Empowerment Scheme effective 1 October 2012.

    Maiden dividend, totalling R2.2 million, was paid to 3 214 employee beneficiaries of the B-BBEE Staff Empowerment Scheme during March 2013.

    Repurchased 3.57 million shares totalling 1.13% of the issued share capital.

    Acquired a 50.1% controlling interest in Digistics, a multitemperature procurement and food distribution business in the QSR industry effective 1 October 2012.

    Effective 1 March 2013, acquired a 75% interest in Safika Oosthuizens, a logistics services company that provides hauling of dry bulk goods such as coal, chrome and “run of mine minerals” in tipper trucks.

  11. 2012

    Corporate Actions

    Odd-lot offer successfully completed, reducing total number of shareholders by 27%.

    Share consolidation of 10 Super Group shares of 10 cents per share into 1 Super Group share of 100 cents per share.

    Successfully unwound the Financing and Credit Facility Agreements with 21 lenders entered into in 2009.

    Entered into new Facility Agreements with two primary lenders for general banking requirements.

    Acquired Haulcon (SG Bulk), a specialised bulk dry powder and liquids distribution business, effective 1 July 2011.

    Acquired the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge East Rand dealership.

  12. 2011

    Corporate Actions

    Restructure of SG Fleet: Introduced new minority shareholders, CHAMP Ventures and the management of SG Fleet.

    Acquired the minority interest in Fleet Africa Eastern Cape.

    Acquired Volkswagen and Audi Rustenburg dealership.

  13. 2010

    Corporate Actions

    Second Land Rover dealership.

    Repaid term loans and reduced total consolidated gearing by R606 million to 27%.

    Disposal of Emerald Risk Underwriters, AutoZone and Mica.

    Winding down and disposal of SGIP businesses.

    Recapitalisation of the Group by R1.2 billion.


    Returned to profitability.


    Peter Mountford appointed as CEO.

    Colin Brown appointed as CFO.