SG Trade Finance

SG Trade Finance

Trade Finance is a funding mechanism designed to assist in the purchase of inventory (stock). It is typically a layer of short-term finance over and above conventional banking finance ,which gives your business a higher degree of flexibility to manage growth through the purchase of additional inventory. Trade Finance is tailored to match your cash flow cycle to alleviate the strain of increased turnover, longer debtor repayment cycles unlocks growth in sales, allows flexibility to tender for projects. We offer a total funding seamless solution in your supply chain requirements, to facilitate door to door delivery of your product. SG Trade Finance works closely with its associated company SG Agility, who are a leading forwarding and clearing agent. They offer a wide range of services that will enhance and assist with your complete supply chain, door to door deliveries internationally and locally.

Who is a potential Trade Finance Customer?

  • Importers
  • Traders
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Exporters
  • Independently privately owned companies
  • Any customer who has orders on hand for potential growth and who needs additional lines of credit to expand his business

Product Offerings

  • Foreign Payments
  • Local Payments
  • Guarantees
  • Letter of Credits
  • Spot payments
  • Forward Exchange Contracts

Benefits of Trade Finance

  • Rapid growth which has consumed available cash
  • Additional inventory or raw material purchases where price increases have materially exceeded inflationary rises
  • Increasing product range
  • Freeing up general banking facilities blocked by Letters of Credit
  • Seasonal or cyclical cash flow fluctuations which are not catered for by general banking facilities
  • Opportunistic purchases of parcels of inventory from time to time
  • Taking advantage of early settlement discount offered by suppliers
  • Improved pricing for bulk orders
  • Obtaining better shipping rates and improved pricing for bulk and consolidation of orders
  • Dispensing with the need to offer settlement discounts which erode gross margins
  • Avoiding the need to change commercial banking relationships to obtain higher facilities
  • Additional layer of funding over and above normal banking lines which provides added flexibility

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