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VSc Solutions

VSc Solutions is a leading provider of supply chain technology and consulting solutions to emerging markets across the globe. We provide custom solutions that are scalable to any industry and any supply chain environment with the key focus on delivering profits and enhancing competitive advantage. We believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients and our offering is continuously evolved to meet their ever changing needs.

VSc stands for the Virtual Supply Chain. We offer a web based portal that includes modules across the supply chain including electronic ordering, route optimisation and planning, route execution, route compliance, scheduling, fleet management, electronic proof of delivery, workflow and business intelligence.

The Virtual Supply Chain is underpinned by our integration platform, the Knowledge Integration Network (KIN). The KIN enables us to seamlessly integrate with our customers and their trading partner’s systems and hardware. The KIN is an extension of the IoT and is both software and hardware agnostic.

In addition to our custom solutions, we offer supply chain consulting services including network modelling, business intelligence, stock forecasting and strategic exercises.

We currently empower top industry players operating across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa to make inspired business decisions.

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